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Welcome to my portfolio!

This portfolio contains the theories of assessment, response and grading, and program assessment that I've developed through my work with Michael Neal in his fall 2013 seminar, Writing Assessment in the Age of Digital Technologies, and a directed independent study on response. Much of this work is informed by my experience with portfolio assessment at the University of Maine and my research on students' reflective writing.


In addition to my work in this portfolio, you might also check out the Wikipedia entry on "Writing Assessment" that my colleague, Joe Cirio, and I created for our Digital Convergence seminar. That entry provides definitions for a number of terms used by Writing Assessment scholars, and it also traces a history of the field, issues within the field, and describes several processes commonly used in writing assessment. Though I provide a brief glossary alongside my "Theory of Assessment," the Wikipedia entry might also be useful as a reference point while you peruse my Portfolio.

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